Application And Interpretation Of Psychometric Tests

Thanks to the application and interpretation of Batteries Psychometric we can Evaluate the psychological profile of staff, detecting and Identifying the strengths, values, traits, skills, areas of opportunity and predict the behavior of the candidate in the workplace. The objective is to know psychometrics data to boost productivity and quality in the work area as psychometric tests allow: • Select the candidate meets the profile set That in terms of skills and abilities • Knowing how the personality structure of a candidate. Psychometrics , Although a very useful tool is alone is incomplete. THEREFORE SYNERGY delivers a diagnosis RH measurement results Supplemented by other techniques : such as interviews or technical competence interviews.



They apply to technicians. Accounting, Messengers, Retrievers. Evaluates: attention and concentration, working under pressure, quality work, work detail, time management, stress management, Frustration Tolerance.


motorcyclists, executive chauffeurs, drivers Torton apply, Among Others. Evaluates: General mechanics appearance, traffic regulations, memory, attention, concentration and speed, work under pressure.


It applies to: Promoters, customer service, direct sales, sales cambaceo, account executives. Evaluates: Troubleshooting, prospecting problems, customer approach, closing sales, stress management.


Measures abilities, skills and competencies, Which will influence positively or negatively to the objective of the post way.


Personal values and social aspects of adaptation, internal conflicts and how Regarding the Individual Interprets as reality.


It Measures the overall ability to learn and solve problems of all kinds.


That Measures specific skills are predictive for specific tasks.