Socio Economic Research

It is an Important part of the recruitment and selection process and is Intended to Ensure safe and reliable recruiting staff, Which Will Maintain an Appropriate organizational climate. This service Also Applies for verification and update of staff working for your company Currently. Aware of how sensitive Represents esta process for each person being Investigated, mainly at the stage of home visits, SYNERGY RH specialized personnel Assigned properly Identified, a way to give each case the individual attention it requires, Respecting confidentiality standards and respect for the privacy of the family environment under investigation. Research is Exclusively for work-related purposes.


• Confirmation work period and performed positions
• Description of main functions performed
• Quality of interpersonal relationships
• Retirement Reasons
• Additional remarks
• Confirmation of Personal references in each previous employment relationship


• Features of Their social environment (neighborhood, housing type).
• With the environment and relationships other important.
• Features home.
• Characteristics of the socioeconomic household.

o Number of Members who make up the family.
o Dependence and Family Responsibilities.
o Level and source of income.
o Type of family relationship.
o Using free time and hobbies.

• Photograph of the facade of the house and Its surroundings.
• The home visit is done with professional, experienced in the field and With proper identification.
• This research is done for work purposes.